The Mexico Tourism Board carries out advertising campaigns as part of its overall strategies of promotion in the principal outbound markets.

The campaigns are based on market studies, analysis of media use by target consumers, focus groups, and evaluations of the impact of messages. As a general guideline, the campaigns improve the perception of Mexico’s tourism destinations, stimulate travel intentions and are accompanied by direct calls to action so that the potential tourist seeks out new products and destinations while travel agents get to know the diversity and quality of what Mexico has to offer.

:: Contacts

Cooperative Programs

Lic. Cecilia Cruz Urquiza
Cooperative Programs Coordinator
Officer in Charge of the Direction Affairs
Phone:52784200 Ext. 1500

Mtra. Liliana Septien Ferro
Director of Comercial Operations for the Central Region
Phone: 52784200 Ext.1310

Lic. María Antonieta Ortiz Bravo
Director of Comercial Operations for the Northern Region
Phone: 52784200 Ext. 1420

Lic. Raquel Ornelas Ruíz
Director of Comercial Operations for the Southern Region
Phone:52784200 Ext. 1421

Institutional Campaign

Lic. Juan Alberto Muciño Abrego
Marketing Coordinator
Phone 52784200 Ext. 1602

Lic. Emmanuel Romain Ernest Rey
Marketing Director
Phone: 52784200 Ext. 1605

Lic. Melissa García Ramirez
Brands Director
Phone: 52784200 Ext 1007


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