The Mexico Tourism Board provides information on its plans and objectives through their different work programs, whose main goal is to promote tourism to national and foreign tourists.

Public Relations

The public relations campaigns carried out by the Mexico Tourism Board are a very important element in the creation of a favorable image and boosting the impact of the other promotional activities.


The marketing department develops Mexico's options for tourism and presents it to domestic and international demand in each of the seven categories of the tourism product.

Market Research

Market research facilitates the formulation of promotional strategies in domestic and international markets by identifying tourist profiles and market tendencies.


The Mexico Tourism Board carries out advertising campaigns as part of its overall strategies of promotion in the principal outbound markets.

Fairs and Events

Identification of national and international scenarios for participation in the publication and promotion of Mexico's image and the sale of its tourism products and services.

Personalized Marketing and Internet

One of the basic elements of tourism promotion is direct marketing, a mechanism used to support the sale of the country?s products and destination to potential tourists.

Conventions and Mettings

The Board's Mexican Convention Bureau coordinates Mexico's strategies for the Business Tourism segment.


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